26 November 2016 – 15 January 2017
First Issued: The 300 precious pearls worldwide crib art

The famous exhibition of Monsieur Paul Chaland

Paul Chaland, the most famous collector of cribs in this century, openes his exhibition for this year's Nativity Show at the Fürstenberger Hof with its most beautiful cribs that were never desplayed in public before.

The exhibition is unique and at the same time a lasting memory of Paul Chaland, who died a few days after the compilation of this exhibition shown in the museum Fürstenberger Hof. He died on July 27 this year at his home in Toulouse at the age of 87 years.

Highlight of this unique exhibition of the most precious pearls of the crib art from the treasure chest of Paul Chaland is the choice collection of the most beautiful cribs of famous Sicilian ceramics artist Angela Tripi, who has created all the characters, their clothes and the whole scene of their cribs, even in high-quality handwork. In a grand crib of 4m by 4m she represents eight different scenes of the Bible and this is truly unique in this form.

Another unique showpiece of the exhibition is a 2m by 2m tall nativity scene, which was built around 1850 in the Provence with the 60cm figures of the former time. Paul Chaland made even giant nativity measuring 10 by 15 meters, which move up to 500 life-sized figures. These figures talk with the voices of famous French actors of the 80's and 90's. Showing such a crib in Fürstenberger Hof would be impossible. They are only set up in the great halls of this world, where thousands of people can admire the spectacle of the miracle of the Holy Night with music and spoken scenes. In this exhibition now a part of such a mechanical character is shown.

Last year 20.000 visitors from Germany and abroad were attracted to the unique exhibition "Cribs from around the world" by Paul Chaland at Fürstenberger Hof. Press, radio and television had referred this exhibition of Paul Chaland as biggest exhibition on cribs in Germany.

Paul Chaland born in 1929 was editor of the famous French magazine Paris Match and founder of the world appearing Woman magazine Marie Clarie. When he retired in 1977, his passion for nativity began.

Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris then, asked Paul Chaland to set up his crib in front of the Paris City Hall. Paul Chaland fulfilled his wish. 125.000 people visited his crib at the town hall in Paris in only two months. At the same time Chaland collected cribs worldwide.

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